Ever met a pretty plumber you didn’t like? Contractor, plumber, and mother of two, triple-threat Kristi Hansen is passionate about taking care of (less than) home sweet homes. Anything but dainty, Kristi takes on sorely neglected homes – and their clueless owners – giving the former much needed structural home repairs and showing the latter the value of “practical over pretty.” This expert’s tough-love approach to home improvement leave viewers wanting more tools, more tricks of the trade, and more Kristi.


With 20 years under her (tool)-belt as a tradesman, plumber, and Class B gasfitter, it’s safe to say that girl-next-door Kristi knows her way around a compound mitre saw. Tackling tough renovation projects in the male-dominated construction trade, Kristi opened her own plumbing and reno company, Pretty Plumbing Co., and is the no-nonsense host of the W Network series “Homewreckers,” where she challenges clueless homeowners to give their neglected homes a little TLC.