Let’s Do Lunch

We all know life is hectic — and eating lunch has suddenly dropped to the bottom of our To-Do list– but Sandi Richard wants to help us change that!  With her new ½-hour special Let’s Do Lunch, Sandi creates a variety of tasty, healthy lunches that are easily taken to work or made at home.  From her fabulous Meat & Veggie Rolls to her signature Chicken in Crunchy Bread Cups, Sandi invites us all to start taking the time to ‘Do Lunch’.



Considered by many to be North America's leading meal planning expert, Sandi Richard is the author of five best selling meal-planning books in the series Cooking for the Rushed. Sandi's system has changed dinner dynamics and reduced stress for hundreds of thousands of families. Sandi loves interacting with people and is never at a loss for words when it comes to talking about food, except of course when her mouth is full and all she can manage is a very satisfied “mmmm”.